۩ Hospital of the Soul ۩

Less than Impressive Horror Films

·         Nightmare on Elmo’s Street

·         Rosemary’s Barbie

·         The Texas chainsaw misunderstanding

·         Texas Chainstore mascara (Sequel)

·         The Hills Have Eye Infections

·         Bouncy Castle In The Woods

·         Dawn Of The Bread

·         An American Werewolf In London Zoo

·         Poultrygeist (Spirits in the chicken shed)

·         The Devil That’s Not Inside Yet, He’s stood outside

·         Thursday the 12th

·         I know what you did last summer… because I was there and we had lots of fun and BBQs!

·         The Bike of Frankenstein

·         I Still Know What You Did Last Night Because You Forgot to Flush (Sequel of the above)

·         "At the end of the road, you will reach your Final Destination"

·         The Tony Blair Witch Project

·         28 Days Later.. my book finally arrived from Amazon.

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